At first, let’s make it clear: font is not equal to typeface (type). Typeface is combination of qlyphs in one style or combined with one graphic idea. Font is actually a file (computer code) made to reproduce a typeface. So type is a drawing, font is a (computer) code to reproduce drawing.

So the right question is do we still need new typefaces and why?

The short answer is: —Yes, we do to express new ideas in our society.

To explain I need to go deeper in a typeface role in our society. Typefaces play sagnificent role in visual communications…

The eternal question

As a type designer I usually come across the same question:

—Why do we need new typefaces? (still do) There’re millions (actually thousands) of them.

More than 8k typefaces tagged #sans

This is not a question from professional designers. But it’s not so simple and naive as it seems. Do we actually need to design more typefaces? Every known classifacation I suppose has not less than 100 typefaces to choose from. Do we still have something new to say as a typeface designers?

Yes, we do

Because Your project needs not any typeface. It needs “the proper” one (or two).

It’s not the one and only ideal typeface. The definition for the proper typeface depends on various issues of visual communications.

A good…

Aliaksei Koval

Type designer, head of KTF&BS, father of three boys, automotive design enthusiast

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